Equipment. Integration. Expertise.

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

As professionals involved in the design, construction and maintenance of architectural structures, we see buildings differently than most people.

For most people, a building is a space with walls, windows, doors, lights and a roof—a place for them to go when they need to buy something or enjoy an activity. But for us, a building is like a living, breathing organism, with cables, ducts, wires, circuits and a complex arrangement of integrated systems that are usually hidden from view, but which need to work together seamlessly to keep the structure operating in excellent condition.

Designing, building and maintaining these structures can be highly complex. And while lighting is just one piece of the puzzle, a great lighting system requires more than just equipment. It requires expertise to know which equipment is best for which situation, how to integrate that equipment so that it all works together efficiently and effectively, and how to install the equipment so that it works symbiotically with the other systems that run the entire building.

At ELS, we have that expertise. It comes from more than two decades of work on a wide range of architectural projects. And above it all is our standard of excellence, our exacting attention both to minute details and how they fit into the overall picture, and our long-standing belief that a job is never done unless it’s done well.

That’s what has made us an industry leader in architectural lighting installations. That’s the ELS difference.